By the 1990s, Tim Berners-Lee wrote the first web browser, WorldWideWeb and the Internet became widely available and online commerce started becoming the norm. In 1995, Stanford Federal Credit Union became the first financial institution in the US to offer internet banking to all of its customers. Jeff Bezos quietly launched and a host of massive internet companies emerged over the last 30 years. This has lead to the rapid evolution in the customer facing and back office technologies. …

Have you heard of Ship of Theseus?. Ship of Theseus or Theseus’s paradox as it is commonly known is a thought experiment -If we take the ship, replace the pieces one by one and reconstruct it, the resultant ship will still be considered old ship or has it become a new ship?. Let me repeat- If we replace the plank of an old ship, one by one, the resultant ship will be called old or new ??

When I look around, I see Ship of Theseus still floating all around us every single day.I saw a ship just yesterday.


Why I did this ?

  1. Swellings, random body pains and eternal tiredness has been bothering me for longtime . One day, I decided that I need to do a deep de-toxification ritual to re-energize me. Following this diet was a start in expelling allergens from my system and making it more robust.
  2. For blood sugar control in long term. I have read many a book claiming that this diet will help regulate Insulin resistance and go med-free for patients with advanced sugar levels. My parents have blood sugar and they hated taking medicines for rest of the life. I have been researching ways to do…

The Nada Habba

Me an my husband have been living in Banaglore for many years now and have visited Mysore - its gorgeous palace, quaint city life, gardens and silk shops- many times. Suddenly this year we got a fancy -‘Heard a lot about Mysore Dussera. Why not enjoy Pooja holidays there?’. And off we went to ‘Mahishūru’ amidst the gapes of “You crazy to go to Mysore during Dussera???”.

We booked an AirBnb place in the calm Gokulam locality and a Royal Mysore Walks walking tour just a week before Dassera due to last minute planning.

The Walking tour

The Royal Mysore walk tour was…

all in magic

Once upon a time when I was a little girl with wide eyes and lollipops in hands, I fall in love with Cinderella. Her story had fairy, magic, glass shoes, a grand ball and bad bad people like vane step mother and vile step sisters. She lived in an idyllic country side but ends up in a palace. Prince was so good and life was just!. For a very very long time I tried hard to be that good girl, the sweet girl who is too innocent to know if she is taken for granted, belittled, downplayed but always ready…


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